About us

Our story

Wide Mind is a unique technology company, created during a global scale Pandemic that is challenging the world as we know it. Changing people’s priorities and impacting business in an unprecedented way. Thus, it was in the fire of this war trench, that unites us all as human beings in a battle for life, that Wide Mind was forged. We combine a surprising set of talent and determination with the essential purpose of responding effectively to the challenges imposed on the current world and the future of business. We don’t know the future. Nobody does. We can only hope that we will be ready with the latest technology and artificial intelligence to help protect companies, jobs, leverage economic growth, and save lives. Weunderstandthat Artificial Intelligence is one of the essential tools developed to make predictions, improve competitiveness, and transform the economy. And it has never been more necessary.

About us

We are a multidisciplinary team that unites science, physics, economics, medicine, computing, and much more. We work together to combine state-of-the-art artificial intelligence with an experience of more than two decades in the management of technology companies. And thus build new forms of Make business.

What makes us unique

We are obsessive in search of business efficiency, disruptive solutions, and innovation. We dare to try to answer difficult questions and the ability to come up with better answers. We always responsibly develop our technologies and intending to improve people’s lives. Still, we never lose focus on the profitability of our investors and business partners. We are not afraid of the crisis or uncertainty as we build our company to deal with the uncertain future precisely.

Our values

The way we find to change the world is through solutions that generate innovative products capable of redefining business models and impacting people’s lives. We seek this by creating revenue increase, increasing competitiveness, reducing costs, avoiding customer evasion, improving margins. Making a profit for our partners and be beneficial for their clients. We add real value to everything in which we participate. We collaborate with the scientific community and companies on critical challenges, ensuring safety and ethics are always the highest priority.

Our mission

Use the most modern technology and Artificial Intelligence to bring light and energy to the business world, solving problems that trigger solutions for thousands of other disruptive possibilities.