Discover our APIs:

Recommendation systems for healthcare professionals​

It helps healthcare professionals to make the best prognosis and treatment options for their patients, from obtaining a new understanding of the behavior of exams with hybrid models that combine classic machine learning and Deep Learning. Anamneses, reinvented.

Risk analysis of the individual health of patients​

Anticipate what matters: hospitalizations, symptoms, and predict the likelihood of illness and morbidity—using past databases, population cohorts, and foundations of cutting-edge scientific literature. Much more accurate forecasts, with Artificial Intelligence models that surpassed the protocol models and references in the area.

Pricing optimization for healthcare operators​

Maximize customer efficiency and margin with the power of price optimization. AI-based pricing encompasses a broader range of variables than traditional approaches. It enables healthcare operations to make more accurate decisions about the amount to be charged to customers, allowing for more customizable discounts and health plans.

Detection of nutritional risk factors​

Detailed nutritional quality assessment based on data from the foods consumed by patients. Thus, it is possible to predict situations of deficiency or actions to correct macro, micronutrients, genetic cancer substances from the sum of the constituent elements of the products consumed.

API Example

An easy and dynamic tool that uses Artificial Intelligence to address people’s health and show ways to improve and prevent future events in an interactive and easy to understand manner.