Understand our technology

For the realization of predictions, there is, on the one hand, an enormous potential for use generated by the recent advances in research in machine learning and by the large amount of data that is generated continuously.

On the other hand, there is a difficulty in making use of these advances in real-world projects, which has created a gap between the potential of technology and its practical applications. In practice, many of these projects are challenging to build, evaluate and optimize, due to the significant heterogeneity of the data, both static and temporal, which generates difficult choices in the various construction phases, from pre-processing, imputation and selection of features to the estimating uncertainties, interpretability and so on.

Broad Mind’s technology closed this gap by building an automated learning environment that integrates the entire workflow into projects, from pre-processing to optimization, making the potential of machine learning methods for predictions, decision support, and clinical research real.

Our hybrid models combine classic machine learning with deep learning to generate new business insights. Our system is optimized based on feedback from users and customers, with continuous learning.

Business decisions are empowered by combining forecasting and optimization. Our recommendation system assists partners and clients in making decisions in a customized way, being able to be implemented and adapted to our partners’ problems in an intrinsically transparent way, allowing the user to understand the recommendations and increase their confidence.

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